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Title: RCF ART 322-A
Number: 4 pieces
RCF Art 322-a

Active speaker system 12 "+ 2", 400W ART

Parameters in more detail:

Frequency response : 45-20Khz
Max SPL : 128dB
Coverage angle : 90x60
Compression driver : neo2"

Signal Input-Impedance: football / unbal
Input connector : jack/xlr
Output signal connector : xlr
Input sensitivity : 0dBu
Mic. input sensitivity : -40dBu

Crossover frequencies : 1200Hz
Protections : DC/short cir.
Limiter: Fast limiter
Master volume : yes
Music/Voice eq : yes
Remote control option : yes

Nominal power : 400Watt
High frequencies : ab/50Watt
Low frequencies : H/350Watt

Title: JBL SRX 725
Number: 2 pieces
JBL SRX725.jpg

Developed technology JBL SRX 700 series SPEAKER brings the power and performance you can expect from the highest quality for professionals.

Two-way passive speaker, SRX Series, power 1200W, 15 speakers 2x + `3` pressure altitude driver, wide dispersion, bass reflex.

-Passive Speaker
RSM-Power: 1200W
-Performance program: 2400W
-The maximum power: 4800W
-Frequency range (tolerance + / - 3dB): 53Hz - 20kHz
-Frequency range (tolerance - 10 db): 37Hz - 20kHz
-Speakers: 2x 15 "+ 3" compression driver tweeter
Bass Reflex
-Material: preglejka
-Expanded coverage of 75 ° x 50 °
-Dimensions: 1219 mm x 541 mm x 508 mm
-Weight: 45 kg

Title: K.AUDIO SUBBAS 18/1000
Number: 8 pieces
King Audio Bass 18/1000

Excellent passive 18-inch sub-bass box

Parameters in more detail:
Excellent 18 inch sub-bass box for theaters, clubs, discos, High Performance calculated and tuned bass reflex. Excellent non-pressurized air sound, balanced since the bottom of the replica watches uk bass band. High acoustic performance, better, several times more expensive than similar products.

Frequency Range ± 3dB: 35Hz - 1 kHz. Sensitivity 1W/1m: 102 db. Maximum sound pressure / 1pc Box 134 dB. Power input sine / music: 700W / 1400W Dimensions: WxHxD - 605x710x605 mm, weight 52 kg.

Title: JBL PRX512M /230
Number: 4 pieces
JBL PRX512M /230

-Active Loudspeaker
-Serious: PRX
-Frequency Range (-10 dB): 46Hz - 20kHz
-Frequency Response (+ / -3 dB): 76Hz - 20kHz
-Power Bi-Amp continuous: 500W
-Power Bi-Amp at peak: 1000W
-THD: < 0,1%
-Source: switching
-Reproduktor basový: 12“ Differential Drive
Speaker-height: 1.5 "compression driver with Annual polymer membrane and neodymium magnet
-Maximum SPL: 133 db
-Coverage: 70x70 °
-Adjust the frequency response for music / speech
-Set the input sensitivity Mic / Line
-Konektory: Combo + XLR
-Material: preglejka
Flange for rod-
-Dimensions: 650x380x350 mm
-Weight: 18 kg

Title: K.AUDIO Trap 700
Number: 2 pieces

Passive tri-box 15 "/ 8" / 1 "

Parameters in more detail:
Triband box 15 "/ 8" / 1 ", trapezoidal (triangular) version. Ozvuènica BASS Pro ™. Outstanding balanced sound performance postaèujúci also on the large halls. For a perfect reproduction of the bottom zone, we recommend to use 18" bass players.

Frequency Range ± 3dB: 49Hz - 20 kHz. Sensitivity 1W/1m: 102 db. Maximum sound pressure / 1pc Box 130 dB. Power input sine / music: 600W / 1200W Dimensions: ŠPxŠZxVxH: 585x385x725x470 mm, weight: 47 kg.

Title: K.AUDIO tri-band box 15 "/ 6.5" / 1 "- 600 W
Number: 2 pieces

Passive tri-box 15 "/ 6.5" / 1 "

Parameters in more detail:
Tri-band speaker with 15 "woofer, 6.5" midrange and pressure. height system. The cabinet is of plywood, covered with carpet. Metal screens.

Frequency Range ± 3dB: 49Hz - 20 kHz. Sensitivity 1W/1m: 102 db. Maximum sound pressure / 1pc Box 129 dB. Power input sine / music: 600W / 900W

Title: RH 12/2/400P
Number: 2 pieces
RH 12/2/400

Dual band loudspeaker fitted with 12 "woofer and 1" tweeter system.

Parameters in more detail:
Dual band loudspeaker fitted with 12 "woofer and 1" tweeter system. The housing is made of plastic. Front speaker is epic store protected by metal mesh. Speaker sound system is suitable for smaller spaces, or fake watches uk as midrange and high-rise section sound performance for larger premises. Maximum: 400W Impedance: 8 Ohm, frekv.rozsah: 40Hz-20kHz, sensitivity: 97dB/1W/1m, size: 40x50x35cm, weight: 21 kg.


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